Spiritual Release

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With all kinds of spiritual warfare also known as spiritual attachments and attacks from negative spirits, you need supernatural strength from the Eternal Creator of All to clear yourself from destructive negative energy and negative spirits living within you and around you and break free from the bondage and the power they hold over you. What are the labels you placed on yourself?

Think of the labels you’ve placed on yourself by your thoughts. Practice ways to stop negative thoughts, prevent stress producing patterns.Remove toxic patterns of thinking and replace them with healthy thoughts. You can change how you think. Stop the negative reinforcement.

Every feeling we have is the direct result of something we were thinking.Life events can create emotions. There is a link between thoughts, feelings, and behavior.your doors and arms are always open for people who need spiritual guidance in changing their negative thoughts and in other areas of their lives. You can reach out to us today.

Prayer Key and Focus

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We invite you to join us for a Daily Spiritual Retreat. Each day we inspire and challenge everyone to connect with the Eternal Creator by offering a Thought-to-action. A Thought-to-action is a thought vacation intended to provide spiritual guidance and reflection, to change your thoughts, shift your focus.

Here is what you should do
Our messages and prayers can be used during your prayer times. You can also use our messages and prayers as affirmations that you post at home or work to keep you inspired throughout the day. Our pre-written messages and prayers will give you: